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My dear valued readers,

Welcome to my very first blog. This has been in the making for sometime now. I am very excited and nervous at the same time. So please forgive me if I come across that way. Besides that, I would like to introduce myself. First, I am a self taught Graphic Designer, or you could say it’s a God given gift or talent. I prefer to call it a talent because from the time I recognized that I possessed that talent I somehow managed to keep adding to it. Which eventually became some of my deep passions. Like, creating and designing greeting cards of all occasions, and then with that I added some more DIYs like, soaps, candles, lip balms and the lists goes on. But it doesn’t just stop there, I also design and create business cards, brochures, flyers, banners posters, bookmarks, wedding invitations so I guess if I was to give myself a name or title I would just break it down to one word, “Designer” and that would pretty much sum me up.

Being a Mother of three children, and four grand children. My two oldest now living on their own but my third and youngest is still unable to live alone due to his challenges with Autism Disorder Spectrum (Aspergers). The challenges maybe great but they are no greater than his intellect I am so grateful to God for that and I have truly been blessed with a very special gift one that just keeps on giving. Just to share little about him, I have learned so much from him mainly how to be less paranoid but there is such a thing as being calm. Worry, what’s that? oh no that is not even a word in his vocabulary. In many instances when I am falling apart, he’ll just come take me by the hand and say “Madre’ Spanish for Mother (as he addresses me) just breathe, take deep breaths and let them out slow no need to panic everything will be fine”. You know automatically, if you hear those words, perhaps from someone else it would only drive you further up the wall  because you just want someone to see and understand what you are feeling at the time. But when it comes from someone who you least expect it from, oh boy I’m telling you, you can’t help but give in, and say, “ok I will, I will.” and you clinch your teeth and you give it all you got.

Christianity is my life, it has been for the greater part of my 60 years and I wouldn’t trade for any other way.  Being raised by a Godly woman my mother, made it very difficult for me to live any other life. I am happily married to a great Christian man and it does make marriage a bit easier, because when it comes to forgiveness it’s not as difficult to be forgive and be forgiven. It has not always been this way for me, as many of you my readers may already know. But again, I am grateful that I did not give up on love and being loved. Although it was difficult, but with God’s help I was able to forgive myself for making bad choices when at those times my faith got very weak. The trials and testing of life will do that if we take our lives into our own hands and think we are so capable of running it. But as it turns out that is a huge myth. Our lives are really not our own, our lives belong to the Great Creator of Heaven and Earth and we always end up having to run back to Him for help and refuge, after we mess things up so badly.

Well, let me get back to why I really decided to write this blog and that is to share with you my readers that Grand Parents day is coming up and I know everyone that still have their Grandmas and Grandpas or maybe one or the other would want to honor them by presenting them with a “handmade/customized greeting card” in your own voice, exactly the way you want it. Here is a sample of some of my card gallery just to give you an idea of how


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    • Hi Rebecca, I do apologise for the delay in responding and thanking you for connecting to my site and page. Thank you for the tip and as I am having to tell everyone I am currently transitioning back to my country in the Cayman Islands and unfortunately I am unable to focus on my business affairs as I only have a few days to pack and get things out by cargo and all that good stuff, we leave Dec. 31 not much time especially with the holidays. I do appreciate you sharing the link and you have my word that I will check it out once I’m back home and settled. Wishing you all the best for the Season and talk to you in the new year.

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    • Hi Britney, thank you so much for sharing the link and for connecting to my page and site. I do apologise for the delay in responding. However, I am trasitioning back home in the Cayman Islands and I am unable to focus on my business matters presently as my time is very limited with packing and preparing to leave what has been ‘home away from home’ for my son and I. Please know I will be in contact with you once I’m back home and settled. Wishing you all the best for the Season and look forward to being in touch in the new year.

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    • Thank you Jennifer for the tips and thank you for checking out my page and site. I am very new (newbie) but I’m an eager leaner and will check out the site as soon as I’m settled. I’m currently in transitioning back to my home country the Cayman Islands so I’m unable to focus on my site. Packing up takes so much time and energy and we leave on December 31, you can just imagine what my Christmas will be like. Ha ha, but the good thing is at least my son and I are going back home. So I will keep in contact once I’m back home and settled. Merry Christmas and we will be in contact in the new year.

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